Relatable? #2

Walking at night is like walking in a dream. It’s dark, so I don’t notice much of the scenery. I don’t wear my watch, so time becomes meaningless. I’m not carrying a tote bag or a backpack or whatever usually weighs me down in the daytime, so I feel light and bouncy. I listen to music as loud as I can, and I don’t think about anything.
I know some people would get scared walking alone when it’s so late, but I am not one of those people. I just don’t see anything to be scared of. For another thing, I’ve never been scared of the dark or silence. When I was younger, my dad and I used to walk around his neighborhood together before I went to bed. He said he liked looking at the stars because it cleared his head. It clears mine too.


Cc. (This song will save your life. Leila Sales.)

Musings. #1


If there’s one thing I hate, it would be “waking up”. No no. Not waking up in the real sense, (why can’t anyone explain the whole process anyway) it’s weird. One minute you’re dead, and the other moment you blink, and Gbam, that’s you getting another chance at life.
That’s not the part i hate though, that would make me an ungrateful toad. It’s Having to wake up, and get out of bed right away. That’s the real thing I detest. Go ahead, colour me lazy. You’d probably argue, but me thinks I’ve got something down.
Let’s see.
That feeling when you open your eyes all of a sudden, and you’re aware of the sounds of your breathing, if you’ve had a nightmare, you’re probably breathing real hard, if you’ve visited paradise in dream ville, you probably have a wistful smile on your face, you pull the covers over your face, and attempt to sink into the feathery softness of your mattress.
If like me though, you’ve had yet another dreamless night, it’s sudden. You just find you’re “aware”. Risen from the dead. And for me, that’s the time I want to pretend I’m still asleep. Close my eyes, breathe in the world around me, while it thinks I’m still dead, hear it’s sounds, pretend for a minute or two, that everything is alright in the world, and beautiful things await me.
I wrinkle my nose when I hear momma’s steps, I sink further into the bed, hoping that for once she lets me do my thing. She doesn’t.
“Ouch!” I scream
It’s momma. She’s yanked away the duvets. She’s yanked away my pretend zone. I have to wake up now. Wake up to the real world. Sigh.